Company Background

The Aviation Group was formed in 1995 by Jim and Jay Haynes to assist the owners of general aviation service businesses and general aviation airports to operate their businesses and facilities efficiently and recognize the true value of what they have developed.

Over the years we have added a group of highly experienced Aviation industry professionals to our team. Each of these professionals is recognized as a leader in the aviation industry, has held senior management positions with successful aviation companies, and has successfully executed their own business plans.

We are members of the major Aviation trade associations, and have or are serving on their boards of directors. We continually support these organizations as members of their various committees, which focus on various segments of the industry.

We have worked with the Transportation Security Administration and the Department of Homeland Security in developing aviation procedures that are operationally feasible and financially viable.

We have advised members of the White House staff, the FAA, members of Congress, and public policy think tanks on air traffic control issues.

This website covers each of the areas of our expertise. Please explore the site and contact us to discuss issues about which you feel we can be of assistance.