General Aviation Consulting

Since 1995 we have provided general consulting services banks, private equity firms, fund managers, large multi-national corporation, and high-net worth individuals interested in the FBO and general aviation industry. We have also consulted for airport authorities, airport commissions, and communities with an interest in developing their airport.


We provide a number of different services to companies and individuals interested in acquiring FBOs and other aviation service businesses. We provide assistance with management and facility analysis, marketing, valuation and general due diligence.

Business Valuations  

We provide valuations of FBOs and other aviation service businesses. We use a number of different techniques including discounted cash flow modeling, and comparable multiple analysis based on our proprietary database of transactions in this industry.


We assist FBOs and other aviation service businesses in determining how to finance working capital, acquisition or restructuring needs. We provide a capitalization analysis to help owners get the optimum return on their investment.

Strategic Planning

We assist management in analyzing their core business, the market for this business, and evaluate how they can best refocus their company to capture a larger share of a dynamic market. Our team has been responsible for some of the great marketing success stories in the general aviation industry.